"We've been using North Somerset Council Building Control for many years now and find them to be very helpful and responsive, they also have an excellent plan-checking service. They offer real value for money, and being part of the LABC they also provide great resources."

Andrew Hirst - Cadplan Architecture Ltd


“North Somerset Building Control are our preferred partner for all Building Regulations work. Their thorough, helpful service ensures that our full plans submissions resolve any potential issues before they reach site, so saving time and money for our customers. When on site, their experienced, cooperative approach ensures any problems are resolved pragmatically and swiftly, both of which are key when dealing with people’s home projects.”

James Brown – Cuppa Architects


“As the link between customer and council I have, over many years, formed a good working relationship with the local authority inspectors. In the unlikely event of a problem arising this relationship can prove invaluable and will always result in an amicable solution to any situation. This equals a happy customer and a satisfied inspector.

I will always choose the council for building control when I can because I cannot fault their service.

My experience of the building control service is that the Council will function better because they only cover a limited and local area, other inspectors on occasion can spread themselves too thin and their service suffers as a result.

The Council is “an institution” that will always be around. The alternative inspectors will invariably retire or from time to time simply cease working with all their records no doubt disappearing with them. The best place to lodge such important records will, in my opinion, always be with the Council.”

Steve Ritche – Back to the Drawing Board


"MAP Architects have been working with North Somerset Council Building Control at Bristol Airport since 2008. North Somerset Council Building Control have continuously provided a proactive and sensible approach to design stage and site issues. This support along with their thorough and professional manner has resulted in an excellent working relationship over the past few years."

McAlister Armstrong & Partners Limited - Chartered Architects & Town Planning Consultants


"Over the course of 15 years Bristol Airport has completed numerous projects (including the new terminal building) on time and budget with the help and support of North Somerset Building Control. From inception to completion their help and understanding of our complex needs and the competitive pressures has and continues to be invaluable. Our relationship provides for better value at competitive rates which equates to high levels of customer satisfaction."

Bristol Airport


"We at Willmott Dixon Construction Ltd have delivered 30 projects with the considerable support from North Somerset Building Control. They are key to the project team.  Their early input from feasibility through to completion is invaluable. The partnership has generated better value at competitive rates resulting in high levels of customer satisfaction. This mature and honest relationship is set to continue and prosper in the future."

Willmott Dixon Construction Limited


"This was our first building project as an Academy and we contracted North Somerset’s Building Control Team to regulate the construction for us with their partner Willmott Dixon Construction.  Both of these organisations were a complete pleasure to work with and they ensured that there was an integrated approach to the design and construction phases and they were exceptionally sensitive to the aspirations of the school regarding the building’s form and function.  Our project was delivered ahead of time and on budget."

Gary Lewis, Headteacher of Gordano School

Building professionals

Most people employ professionals to help them with their projects. To find the help you need, we’ve provided a list of professionals below who work in our area and regularly use our building control service.