Nine reasons to use us

1. We give independent oversight of the key stages of your project, helping to you to ensure it is built correctly.

2. We are professionals who provide a fourth emergency by working closely with the local police and fire services service when buildings become dangerous.

3. We are a not for profit organisation who provide customers with value for money without comprising safety.

4. We have extensive local knowledge of key issues such as ground conditions and drainage.

5. We can help your builder by highlighting solutions to unforeseen technical problems.

6. We are part of the national Local Authority Building Control (LABC) giving us access to national expertise when required.

7. We provide a prompt service with an excellent same day site inspection service.

8. We are the biggest provider in the area with the majority of construction projects using our services.

9. We have been providing a building regulation services longer than anyone else giving you assurance that we know our business and we are here to stay

The choice is yours

Make sure your builder or architect uses North Somerset Building Control.